What's a parallel line?

By Jack Putt on the 11th of June, 2012

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    They are two lines side by side that never cross each other.
    Here's an example

    parrallel lines

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    In simple words, if two lines do not cross each even if infinitely extended, then they are parallel to each other.

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    Parallel lines are lines that will go on and on forever without ever intersecting.Parallel Lines has equal slopes.

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    A parallel line is actually two or more lines that do not interset and are of equal distance from each other. Think of the double yellow or white lines on the road. Parallel line are a great tool in geometry when identifying angles. Whenever parallel lines are intersected by other line then the angles they make are equal to each other. Like so:

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    Two lines are said to be parellel when they do not intersect at any point if the lines are extended to infinity.

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Solve problems using the properties of intersecting and parallel lines

When we have lines that intersect (cross each other), or two parallel lines, there are four rules to remember about the angles that are created:

  • Vertically opposite angles are the same

  • Alternate angles are the same (Z angles)
  • Corresponding angles are the same (F angles)

  • Supplementary angles sum to 180 degrees (C or U angles)

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