What is the surface area?

By Lee Mansfield on the 11th of June, 2012

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    Surface area is the amount of area the surface of a shape has. It is the sum of all the areas on the outside of a 3-D shape. So it is a measure of how big the outside layer of a 3-D object is.

    Example The surface area of a cube that is 1cm long, 1cm wide and 1cm high is 6x1cm^2 = 6cm^2

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    Surface area can be defined as the total area of the surface of a three-diamensional object.

    For e.g. A cube has 6 sides.

    Suppose "s" is a length of one side. Surface area of one side of the cube = s2

    Surface area of the cube = 6*s2

    Surface area of a Sphere = 4 * pi * r2

    Where pi= 3.14 and r = radius of the sphere.

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Calculate the surface areas of cylinders, cones and spheres

How do I find surface area of spheres, cones and cylinders?

Just use these simple equations;

Formula for Surface Area :

Cylinder = 2πr² + 2πrL  (L is the length of the cylinder)

Cone = πr² + πrL   (L is the length from the point of the cone to the edge of the base)

Sphere = 4πr2






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