What is a vector?

By Lee Mansfield on the 11th of June, 2012

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    On the other had, a vector is a mathematical object that has magnitude and direction. A line of given length and pointing along a given direction, such as an arrow, is the typical representation of a vector. Typical notation to designate a vector is a boldfaced character, a character with and arrow on it, or a character with a line under it (i.e., ). The magnitude of a vector is its length and is normally denoted by or A.


    Addition of two vectors is accomplished by laying the vectors head to tail in sequence to create a triangle such as is shown in the figure.

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Vectors are arrows. They point in a certain direction, and they have a certain size. We have three different sets of mathematical notation to describe their size and their direction.

Solving vector geometry problems requries knowledge of how to add, subtract and multiply vectors. Once you know how, vectors are very easy.

You may be asked to find or calculate the correct notation to describe a given vector.



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