What is a formula?

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    Devang earns 87% less than Dr.Doodie per hour. Zerg earns $17 less than 3 times Dr.Doodie's earning per hour. In total, the three earns $786 after woirkng 3 hours. How much does Devang earn per hour? Round it to the nearest hundredths.

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    Yesterday, Osama bought some white paerps for his school project. today he used 23 of them on a HW. Then, he suddenly wanted to gt some coloured paerps so he bought them in the amount of 1/3 of the leftover white paper. He didnt use the coloured paerps at all. Currently, the total amount of paerps osama has is 8/23 of the amount of paerps he used.how much white paper did he buy?

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So if you put a square root sign around a number that is not a square number, then what you have written is a surd.

e.g. √10 is a surd, because 10 is not a square number. √9 is not a surd, because 9 is a square number, so you can write √9= 3

Even if the number under the square root sign is not a square number, it can still be simplified.

Write the starting number as a product of two new numbers, where one of them is a square number (e.g. 45 -> 9 x 5).  Take the root of the square number, and write it outside of the root sign

e.g. √45 = √(9×5)=3√5

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