What does expression mean in maths?

By Henry Warren on the 11th of June, 2012

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    Term expression is where to create equations to find certain terms or unknown.For example ... the formula for rectangular area = width x length.where  width = area / length .In general the expression mean in maths is that it is a number sentence without an equal sign

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    Expression is a Combination of Numbers and variables, expresions can contain mathematical operators.

    We can say that an expression is a combination of numbers, variables and mathematical symbols. These symbols are used to represent mathematical operations and letters are called variables like x, y, a, etc. For Example: Simplest form of an expression is 0 + 0. Here 0 is a number and the symbol '+' is used to represent the addition operation of mathematics.


    Examples for understanding different expression forms:

    Linear expression: 4x + 6,

    Quadratic expression: 5x2 + 7x + 3,

    Rational expression: (x + 5) / (x – 7).

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    Expressions are equations that can not be solved because expressions do not have an equal sign. Expressions can be one number with a  variable or a long string of number and variables linked together, as long as it is not set equal to something you do not have to solve it. 

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Recognise the words: equation, formula, identity and expression

These words can be confused with each other.

Equation: An equation looks like this, x+3=5, the difference between this and an expression is the equal sign (=)

Formula: A formula is a special type of equation; it shows the relationship between two variables. A formula looks like this, v=hwl, when v = volume, h = height, w = width and l = length. x+3=5 is not a formula, it has only one variable x.

Identity:  An identity is a relation which is true. This means that whatever the number or value may be, the answer stays the same. For example, algebraically, this occurs if an equation is satisfied for all values of the involved variables.

Expression: An expression shows a mathematical relationship whereby there is no solution.
For example, the expression 5x + 6 can be intepreted in many ways:

If x = 5, the value of the expression is 31. To work this out you replace x with 5, so you get ( 5 x 5) + 6 = 31

If x = - 3, the value of the expression is (5 x -3) + 6 = -15 + 6 = -9




3x+4= 19  This is an equation.


1/2b(a+b)h   This is a formula.


Sin2(Ө)+ cos2(Ө)≡ 1   This is an identity.


7x-3   This is an expression.



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