what are the different types of data?

By Lee Mansfield on the 11th of June, 2012

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    Qualitative data- cannot be represented by numbers. Quantitative data- can be represented by numbers.

    Quantitative data is also split up into 2 categories. -Discrete data- data given in chunks that you can count. -Continuous data- data that isn't split up into chunks (for example height, where you have to use ranges to represent it)

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Classify and know the difference between various types of data

Data is just another word for information.

There are a few different types of data. For example, there’s data we can represent with numbers, and data we can’t represent with numbers.

Qualitative – Cannot represent with numbers (something like eye colour, address or food preference)

Quantitative – Can represent with numbers (things like height, number of sisters or shoe size)

You can remember which is which because quantitative is the one with the N in it, for number.

There are now two types of quantitative data, discrete quantitative and continuous quantitative.

Discrete Quantitative – Data you count in chunks, 1, 2, 3… (things like number of sisters, shoe size, money)

Continuous Quantitative – Data you can’t count in chunks (things like height, time, distance)

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