What are compound measures?

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    Compound measures are ones that involve two other measures of different types; examples include measuring speed in metres per second, or defining density as mass divided by voulme. Firther categories of measure include non-linear measures ( such as measuring sound intensity in decibles ) and what are sometimes called derived measures ( such as measuring inter-stellat distances in measure in light years)

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    A compound measure is made up of two (or more) other measures. Speed is a compound measure made up, in this case, from a measure of length (kilometres) and a measure of time (hours).A measure which contains two or more dimensions; e.g.density whose dimensions are mass/volume. The compound measure density is made up, in this case, from a measure of mass (grams) and a measure of volume (cubic centimetres).

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Understand and use compound measures such as speed and density

A compound measure is made up of two or more measures.

Speed and Density equations

Speed = Distance ÷ Time 

Density = Mass ÷ Volume


You can rearrange these equations to give you an equation for Distance, Time, Mass and Volume.

Distance = Speed x Time

Time = Distance ÷ Speed

Mass = Density x Volume

Volume = Mass ÷ Density


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