How do you draw a net?

By Garret Patton on the 11th of June, 2012

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    You draw a net by drawing the faces of the 3d shape joining at the various edges in a way where no two faces were to 'fold' onto a 3d face. For example a cube, looks like this http://motivate.maths.org/content/imp/conferences/conf89/c89_cubenet1.shtml or a cute animation here http://www.edumedia-sciences.com/en/a570-nets-of-a-cube

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Construct and recognise the nets of 3-D shapes such as pyramids and triangular prisms

Usually we think of nets as something used for fishing or hunting.

In maths, the word net or box nets has a different meaning. Picture a cereal box – by unfolding nets of 3D shapes and flattening it out, the 2D shape you get is what we call a net of a 3D shape..

You need to be able to recognise or create accurate 2D nets of 3D shapes.

For example

Pyramid 2D Net

The net shape of a pyramid looks like:

Triangular Prism 2D Net

A net shape of a triangular prism looks like:

The dotted lines in the above examples show you where you are meant to fold the paper (cut and fold to create the 3D Shape)!

An accurate net means if we were to cut this net out of paper, and put it together, it would fit together perfectly - so the sides that need to be joined together are the same length, and drawn at the correct angle.

Practice drawing the net out on paper and cutting it out to see which sides need to fit with each other.

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