How do I Interpret the graphs of direct proportion?

By David Moody on the 11th of June, 2012

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    If y is proportional to x, we can draw a graph that shows the relationship. The shape of the graph will depend on the power and the constant of proportionality.

    Here are some graphs that you should be able to recognise

    Straight line

    • y ∝ x
    • y = kx

    This equation gives us a straight line. The gradient of the line is k.

    image: graph


    • y ∝ x2
    • y = kx2

    This equation gives us a curve. The larger the value of k, the steeper the graph.

    image: graph


    • y ∝ x3
    • y = kx3
    image: graph

    Square root

    • y ∝square root of x
    • y = ksquare root of x

    You have similar shaped curves for any powers between 0 and 1. Again, increasing k will make the graph steeper.

    image: graph


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