How do I interpret graphs that model real situations?

By Garret Patton on the 11th of June, 2012

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    Graphs modelling real situations

    Graphs are a good way to show formulae in visual form.

    For example, a taxi firm uses the following graph to work out the cost of a journey.

    Graph showing the distance against the cost of hiring a taxi

    We can find out lots of different information from this graph.

    The labels on each axis are very important. The horizontal line - or x axis - shows the number of miles. The vertical line - or y axis - tells us the cost.

    There are two marked points at (0, 2) and (10, 7).

    Read up from 6 miles on the x axis to the straight line. When you reach the line move across horizontally until you reach the y axis. The cost is £5. This means a journey of 6 miles will cost £5.

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