What's the sine rule?

a/Sin A = b/Sin B = c/Sin C

Sin A/a = Sin B/b = Sin C/c

Where side a is opposite angle A, side b is opposite angle B, side c is opposite angle C.

What do we use it for?

The Sine Rule is a more advanced formula that be used to find missing sides and angles in any triangle, whether it has a right angle or not.

When can we use it?

You will be given a side and its opposite angle.
If you are a given another side, you can calculate its opposite angle using the Sine Rule.
If you are given another angle, you can calculate its opposite side using the Sine Rule.


For example

[picture missing]

We know:

a = 4cm
A = 40o
b = 3cm

What is B?

4/40 = 3/B 

Rearrange this to get

B = 3 x 40/4 = 30

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