Understand coordinates in 3D

From year 7 you should have been introduced to the ‘Cartesian Coordinate System’, where you have an x-axis and y-axis, you plot a point with an x, and then label the point (3, 5), meaning 3 along the x-axis, and 5 up the y-axis. 

We live in a 3D universe, so it's possible to add a third axis to this, the z-axis. If the x-axis and y-axis are horizontal and vertical on paper, then the z-axis is used to say how far ‘into or out of the paper’ the coordinate is.

The axis is sometimes drawn in a few difference ways, but it's just looking at the same graph from different points.

In each case, you read the position of coordinates the same way, and the coordinate position is always written (x, y, z)

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