Dividing and multiplying by decimal numbers is a bit awkward. A common trick to dealing with them is to turn the decimal into a whole number, by repeatedly multiplying it by 10 until the decimal point gets right to the end.


20 / 0.04

Multiply 0.04 by 10, then by 10 again, to turn it into 4

20 / 4 = 5

But we started off dividing by a much smaller number, meaning our answer should be much bigger than the one we got. To correct this, we simply multiply our answer by 10, and then by 10 again


5 x 10 x 10 = 500.


20 / 0.04 = 500

Now let's try and use another method of simply moving the decimal places to help us work out the sums in the following example.

50/ 0.25

As we can see above we have two numbers after the decimal point: 0.25

If we want to work out the question quickly, we can simply move the decimal points two places to the right so we can make it into an easier number to divide by.

So we can now now work out 50/25 = 2.00

Now we are left with the answer 2.00, but remember we moved our decimal point two places to the right, we must now move our decimal point back two places to the left, which will give us our final answer.

2 = 200

So we can now conclude that 50/0.25 = 200!

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