When a player is substituted in a football game, that player is taken off, and another player put on instead.

It's the same in maths, except we have numbers and letters instead of players!

Take a formula like this:

F = ma

Imagine we substitute m=3 and a=5 into the formula; it’s like taking two players off the pitch who had m and a written on their shirts, with players numbered 3 and 5.

We have to remember though that ma actually means “m times a” – we CANNOT just write F = 35, this is WRONG!

We need to substitute the numbers like this:

F = 3 x 5

Then you can work out your maths solution:

F = 15

Lets try one more example. If y = ft / s and f is substituted by 4 and t is substituted by 5 and s is substituted by 2 what is our answer?


y = 4 x 5 / 2 = 10

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